Thomaston Seventh-day Adventist Church

Welcome to the Thomaston Seventh-day Adventist Church website

We are a Seventh-day Adventist Church located in Thomaston, Georgia.

We invite you to discover our church. On these pages you'll find information
about our worship, beliefs, directions to our church, and much more.Be sure
to check our calendar for information on upcoming events at our church. 

We are part of a worldwide Christian faith community preparing for the return
of Jesus Christ. We encourage you to find out what God is doing at our church
by attending our weekly worship, study groups, and social activities.

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Check out the trailer for the movie, Hacksaw Ridge.

This movie is a true story of Desmond Doss. A Seventh-day Adventist Christian who served as a medic
in WWII on the front lines of battle. Never carried a gun because he believed the Lord God wanted
him to serve as a conscientious objector, and not be in the act of taking life, but saving life. He saved
75 men. Singlehandedly, but not alone because the Lord was with him."

Contact Info

Contact Us

1548 Highway 19 North
Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 648-2908
FAX:    (706) 648-1101